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                Guangzhou city Xintang 

                Town Road three cross 

                Dongkeng Huichuang 

                guomao Building ,Building 

                3 room 508

Container shipping

    We  have a wealth of experience in import and export, with a number ofprofessionals familiar with the maritime market, safe and efficient handling ofyour goods. Division I with the owner to maintain good relations ofcooperation, CSCL, EMC, WHL, MSK, COSCO, MSC, CMA, YML, NYK, PIL, Zim, IRISLand shipping companies signed contract price, so that we have the mostcompetitive price, so as to reduce your costs, and provide you with stablesailing and adequate accommodation. 
LCLcontainer, container services

    Theglobal shipping LCL, network agents in major ports around the world. Europe, tothe west, and East, and the Middle East, India and Pakistan have priceadvantage, Southeast Asia, New Zealand also has the advantage, Canada and theUnited States have stable sailing for South African prices. 



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